Vancouver Island and Gold Coast Retreat are accessible by both ferry (to Victoria and Nanaimo) and airplane (direct to Tofino, Comox, Victoria and Nanaimo). Ferries depart from Washington State, Tsawwassen (South of Vancouver), and Horseshoe Bay (North of Vancouver). Advance ferry reservations are highly reccommended on all routes during weekends, holiday periods and summer months.

Whether driving or taking a bus, the road from Nanaimo is one of the most spectacular in the world. You will pass through the towering old-growth forests of Cathedral Grove, the township of Port Alberni, majestic Sutton Pass, and through Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Please note Route 4/Pacific Rim Highway is a designated Winter Tire & Chain-up Route, making M&S rated tires mandatory for all vehicles and chains mandatory for commercial vehicles from OCTOBER 1-MARCH 31.

Once you have driven across Vancouver Island to the Tofino/Ucluelet junction, you are 28 km (17 miles) away from Gold Coast Retreat. While driving you'll pass through the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Continue driving towards Tofino. The Retreat is 5km or 2.5mi before the town of Tofino. Once you pass The visitors info center on your right, take a left at the first public road, South Chesterman Beach Road. Go approximately 10 driveways on the right and you will see us!


To reach Tofino by car from the British Columbia mainland, you'll first need to take the ferry from Horseshoe Bay, or Tsawwassen, to Nanaimo. The Horseshoe Bay terminal is north of Vancouver and this ferry route takes just under 2 hours while the Tsawwassen terminal is south of the city, closer to the USA border and it takes just a little over 2 hours. The Horseshoe Bay ferry arrives at the Departure Bay terminal in Nanaimo while the Tsawwassen ferry arrives at the Duke Point terminal just about 15 minutes south of the city.

Coming to Tofino after arriving on Vancouver Island:

Travel time from Nanaimo is about 3 hours:

Travel north on Highway 19 for 43 km (26 miles), Take Exit 60 onto Highway 4 ( also known as the Pacific Rim Highway ) heading west for 156 km (97 miles). You will drive through spectacular Cathedral Grove, historic Port Alberni (drive straight downhill and turn right at the junction/river), and on the winding road around Sproat and Kennedy Lakes. You will also drive through scenic Sutton Pass, at an altitude of 250m (850 feet) - where we especially recommend heeding to the speed limit. Travel westward until you come to the junction between Tofino and Ucluelet!


There are 2 airlines Who make the trip from Vancouver International (YVR), South Terminal to the Tofino airport.


Whether renting a car or taking the bus, highway 4 is breathtaking. Check the links below and get yourself here.


If you are travelling overland from the mainland you will need to use one of the many ferries available to reach Vancouver Island. Check the links below for more information.